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Terms & Conditions

Service Call: A service call is a non-refundable amount paid by the customer prior to any service being provided on location. The Service call fee is there to book the appointment in the technicians calendar, cover costs of upfront preparations prior to appointment such as research, part ordering, recall kits etc. Service call includes basic diagnoses of issue. Service call covers the first 20 miles in travel to the location of RV. Service fee will be paid prior to booking appointment along with any applicable travel mileage. A service call does not guarantee a repair or that your problem will be resolved. 


Travel/Mileage/Service area: Service call includes the first 20 miles of travel to the location of the RV given to us by customer on the service request form. Travel is referred to as the one way trip a technician takes from technicians home or current residence to the customers RV location only (The technicians return trip back is not charged). Any additional mileage added to the 20 mile radius is then charged at $2 per mile one way. 


For example: If customer is 35 miles away from the technician and the service area of the technician includes the first 20 miles one way then, the customer will be charged 15 miles of travel @ $2 a mile. Total travel fee = $30 on top of the service fee.


Service call Basic Diagnoses of Issue: Technician arrives onsite and will start gathering data from customer and RV. Technician may use basic tools and multimeter to begin diagnoses and will try to resolve the problem to the best of his/her abilities without adding on fee for labor. Once technician estimates what the repair might consist of as far as time and labor, the technician will then inform customer about expected labor time and labor rate of job. At that point the customer is responsible for accepting or declining the continued work of technician. We are certified Mobile RV technicians and due to being mobile some jobs may be better suited for a shop and technician will advise accordingly.


Parts/Ordering Parts: Due to being a Mobile RV Repair Service we cannot guarantee that we will have the part necessary to perform the repair during service call. We try our best to carry as much inventory as space allows in order to serve our customer but some parts are model specific to each RV and therefore may need to be ordered accordingly. If the technician has the part on hand or can acquire the part locally then the technician will provide a quote to the customer. At this point the customer will accept or decline further repair. If the technician has to order a part for your RV, then the Technician will inform the customer of the estimated shipping, price of part, and installation costs in a quote. At this point the customer will either accept or decline further work. If the customer agrees to ordering the parts and moving on with installation then the customer will be responsible to pay for the part in full prior to ordering. When the Technician receives the part, he/she will book an appointment with he customer to install the part. The return service fee will then be waived for the return trip back to your RV, and the customer will be responsible for the rest of the payment once the repair is finished.


Customers providing their own parts: Our Technicians reserve the right to deny installing any parts that the customer has ordered or purchased elsewhere on their own. Customers may feel that ordering a cheaper part will help them save money but in order to protect our reputation, we order high quality parts that we can stand behind and if we install a part that the customer has provided to us we cannot guarantee the satisfaction of the repair, lifespan of the repair or compatibility of the part. 


Life Safety Issues: If the Technician witnesses or performs any test that shows there is a life safety issue in or around the customers RV, then the customer will be immediately informed of the technicians findings. The technician will not continue to perform any further repair/service work on the RV unless the owner agrees to solving the life safety issue first or will sign a waiver stating the technicians findings and will forgo the needed life safety repairs and agrees to get repair done another time or by another qualified technician. The technician reserves all rights to accept or decline performing the repair of the life safety issue based on whether or not they feel safe or qualified to perform such repair work on the life safety issue. In either instance, the customer will be required to sign a waiver to confirm the Technicians findings and that the customer has been informed of such issue being present.


Release of Liability: I hereby agree, on behalf of myself, my heirs and my personal representatives, to fully and forever discharge and release Owner and its affiliates, and their respective partners, agents, operators, technicians, managers, employees, and representatives (“Released Parties”) from any and all claims I may have or hereinafter have for any injury, temporary or permanent disability, death, damages, liabilities, expenses and/or causes of action, now known or hereinafter known in any jurisdiction in the world, whether caused by the negligence of the Owner or any of the Released Parties or by any other reason. I acknowledge and agree that this Release and Waiver of Liability is intended to be, and is, a complete release of any responsibility of the Released Parties for any and all personal injuries, temporary or permanent disability, death, and/or property damage sustained by me or my RV.


Warranty: As of accepting these terms and conditions, our technicians do not perform warranty work or guarantee reimbursement from items under warranty in which the repair or service work was performed. If the customer has an item under warranty that they want repaired or serviced, then the Technician will perform the needed service or repairs but the customer is responsible for attempting a reimbursement from with the warranty company . The technician does not guarantee reimbursement but will provide as much information as they can regarding the repair, or service and what was performed and why etc. This information can then be used to attempt a reimbursement with the warranty. 


Solar Installations: Technicians are certified and qualified in installing solar systems on customers RV’s. However solar installations involve installing non-factory items to an RV and these items will add weight to the customers RV. The technician will inform the customer about the weight that will be added to the RV but the customer takes full responsibility to know their own tow capacities of their tow vehicle, their weight capacities of their RV etc. and are agreeing to remove any liability from the installers when it comes to weight that is being added and the affects it may have on your RV.

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